Zero Proof N/A Recipes for Mindful Drinking by Elva Ramirez

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This is the start of a new era in no-proof drinking.

More than 100 years after Prohibition was enacted, Americans are actually excited about people not drinking again. As consumers become more mindful and re-examine their relationship to alcohol, the no-proof movement is gaining more and more prominence. What do the world's most talented bartenders concoct when they can't use booze? This book answers that with 90 lush and sophisticated recipes for vibrant, no-proof drinks from the biggest names in cocktails and the world's top basin Paris, London, and New York. 

"For at-home drink mixers, the book is worth every penny before you've even gotten to the recipes, as the prep and mindset section makes practical bar knowledge easy to remember and use. The recipes themselves sparkle with inventiveness and are approachable both to make and to serve, intuitively arranged by flavor profiles. For folks in the bar world, this is not just a treasure trove of drink ideas, it's a thoroughly researched history of the category and the bar world's response to it." - Lorelei Bandrovschi, founder of Listen Bar

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