Domaine du Gringet Yseult Mon Amour 2022

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Syrah from Ardèche, Rhône Valley, France; light to medium bodied and dry, earthy with notes of black concord grapes, plum and other black fruits, violets, baking spice, and leather, with balanced acid, a clean glassy texture, and soft dry tannins. Organic

December Wine Club 2023:

"The first time I tried this wine I did it blind, meaning I had no idea what it was. I incorrectly guessed a large handful of grape varieties, and was stunned when I discovered that it was Syrah! After that it all made sense with its layers of black concord grapes, violets, baking spices, mulberries, and plum. My favorite aspect of this wine is its texture - glassy and clean. Super unlike Syrah, which is why I so shamefully got it wrong (*hangs head low*). It comes from southern Ardèche, France, inside the Rhône Valley where Syrah thrives. This one is picked early to prevent the high alcohol, high tannin, heavily extracted style of Syrah. This more restrained expression is perfect with a burger, veggie pasta, and really anything with steak or green vegetables. I also fantasized about a stew when I drank it."

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