Shavi K'Ravi Akaki's Rokhi Tsolikouri 2021

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Tsolikouri Bazaleti and Tsolikouri Melko (green and yellow) from Imereti, Georgia; medium bodied and dry with notes of Asian pear, aged romano cheese, honey, and beeswax with balanced acid and soft dry tannins. Organic

Farming: Fertilizing with horse manure once every two years (During Dec-Nov) Pruning and soil cultivation in March, April. No chemical herbicide or pesticide is used in the vineyard.
Harvest: September 25-28

Vinification: After grapes are crushed only free run juice is collected in Qvevri (Traditional Georgian wine vessel made from clay and buried below ground). Fermentation process takes place in Qvevri without intervention, using naturally occurring yeasts and natural (underground) temperature control. Fermentation often lasts 3 weeks. The Qvevri’s sloped walls allow the yeast and sediment to settle at the bottom while the wine circulates above.
Fermentation/Aging Vessel(s): Qvevri (Clay vessel)
Fining & Filtration: No fining or filtering

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