Pivnica Čajkov Tecton NV

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40% Frankovka, 40% Alibernet, and 20% Devín from Tekovský, Slovakia; medium bodied and dry with notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, blueberry, sour berries, and hops (it smells specifically like a West Coast IPA), with balanced acid and soft dry tannins. Organic

Harvested by hand into small crates to keep the grapes as intact as possible; the main part was picked October 2020. Frankovka and Alibernet were destemmed, crushed and spontaneously co-fermented in open-top vats. The free run juice goes into old barrels at ~10% ABV (to avoid Alibernet's hard tannins) where it finishes fermentation and ages for nearly 2 years in their historical cellar. In autumn 2022, it's blended with a bit of 2020 Blaufrankisch for juiciness and drive, and a dash of 2021 Devín for aromatics. The blend shortly rests in tank and is bottled unfined, unfiltered, with 15ppm of SO2

Only 1000 bottles produced. NV blend, 2020+2021.

"Putting these grapes together was a happy accident – I once had such little yield from one vineyard that I had to process all its grapes together, no matter the colour. Although unplanned, I liked the result so much that I later kept replicating it on purpose. The new Tecton is a blend of three neighbouring sites with similar soil and spirit – proportions vary according to vintage, but the aim is always a tasty red wine that's grounded, but still a bit provocative and easy to finish a bottle of."

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