Les Déplaudes de Tartaras Mine de Rein Rouge 2021

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Mornen Noir from IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, Rhône Valley, France; light to medium bodied and dry, earthy and savory with subdued notes of blackberry and sour cherry, hints of chive, sour cream, and fine ground black pepper, with vegetal undertones, balanced acid, and soft dry tannins. Organic

DNA profiling has revealed a potential parent-offspring relationship between Mornen Noir and Chasselas. At one time Mornen Noir was thought to be a dark-berried color mutation of Chasselas. While ampelographers have confirmed that Mornen Noir is not a Chasselas color mutation, the grape's exact relationship with Chasselas has not yet been determined. It used to be planted mainly in the Rhône and Loire departments but today is only found in very limited plantings around the commune of Chavanay. 

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