Jean Pascal Aubron Les Bulles Pet Nat NV

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Melon de Bourgogne from Loire Valley, France; light bodied and dry, minerally and lean, steely, and clean, with a leesy richness, tart fresh lemon, hints saline, and bright acid. Really unique and delicious. Eat with oysters and lean pasta and fish dishes with sautéed vegetables and salads. Or drink on a hot day by the pool! Org, Sust, Vegan, no added SO2

This is Jean Pascal's first attempt at a pet'nat, made from old-vine Melon grapes grown on gabbro soils. Fermentation starts naturally, then finishes in bottle.

Since 1843, Jean Pascal Aubron’s family has been tending their vineyards around the town of Vallet, outside of Nantes, near the Atlantic Coast. They own 11 hectares (about 27.19 acres) of the acclaimed Grand Fief de l’Audigère, a lieux-dit which sits on gabbro (volcanic rock) deposits, allowing the full expression of the Melon de Bourgogne grape while maintaining its legendary acidity. This results in a beautiful, almost ethereal and very refreshing Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie.

The Grand Fief de l’Audigère is a classified vineyard, its wines recognized for their quality for centuries. Jean Aubron uses traditional vinification methods, transferring the wines midway through the fermentation process to underground glass-lined tanks, where they finish and sit on their lees for between 6 to 10 months, depending on the year’s quality.

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