Gioco di Vino Frizzante Bianco 2021

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Sparkling Chardonnay from Veneto, Italy; 1 week on skins, light to medium bodied and dry, earthy and fruity with notes of apricot, nectarine, bruised lemon, and tropical fruit, layers of beeswax, honey, and flowers, with balanced acid and a juicy finish. Gets better and better with air! Practicing Organic

Wine Club May 2023:

"Frizzante, or as some of us love to say “Pét Nat that hails from Italy,” is a sparkling wine that is bottled before fermentation completes. Carbon dioxide, a natural biproduct of fermentation, is trapped inside the bottle creating smooth velvety bubbles! Gioco di Vino comes from the Northeast corner of Italy, the Veneto, and is made from 100% Chardonnay that spends 1 week on its skins. That makes this wine fit right in the Orange or Skin Contact Pét Nat category. It shows beautifully with some air and patience. At first I got tropical fruit notes along with honeycomb and bruised lemon citrus. As it opened more apricot, nectarine, flowers, and honey emerged. This one is pretty easy-drinking and shines in warmer weather (Hello Spring!). I recommend chilling it completely before SLOWLY opening, and once popped swirl in the sediment that is sitting at the bottom of the bottle. You’ll thank me!"

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