Fruitblood Tasteful Nudes Rosé Pét Nat CAN

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A coferment of Crabapples and Cranberries made in Cincinnati, Ohio by winemaker Josh Elliot. His fruit wines are changing the way we think about fruit wines, to say the least. These are truly delicious and special! Tasteful Nudes is punchy with notes of tart cranberry (surprise!) and apples, hints of white cherries, with crisp acidity and a tart finish.

From the Fruitblood website:

"With a flirty pink hue, juicy fruit notes and bubbly finish, Tasteful Nudes is perfect for the coming warm weather. This super sparkling fruit wine was made by spontaneously co-fermenting a blend of  crab apples plus just enough cranberries to provide the soft pink color plus a little extra fruitiness. Pairs well with pizza, trash t.v and finding your best angle."

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