Fruitblood Feral Cat Fruit Wine Pét Nat CAN

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Cofermented Loganberry and Dolgo Crabapple made in Cincinnati, Ohio by winemaker Josh Elliot, a man bent on making fruit wine "that doesn't suck." This tasty Pét Nat is dry, deep, tart, and berry forward with some hints of florals and lemon citrus. The fruit is sourced from growers in the Midwest and West Coast who are committed to organic practices and regenerative farming. 

From Fruitblood's website:

"Full of wild grace and almost certainly up to no good, Feral Cat’s floral and citrusy aroma practically leaps out of the glass. This sparkling wine is made with Albarino grapes and Loganberries, a blackberry/raspberry hybrid, dripping with personality and a tart bite. Drink’s well with heavy pasta dishes, sashimi and licking your wounds."

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