Freimeister Kollektiv O.B.W. 969 Aperitif NV 19% abv

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Hailing from Germany, "Orange Bitter Wein" is a red wine-based aperitif made by macerating red wine with the following botanicals: bitter oranges, orange spirit, wormwood, orange blossoms, gentian, nutmeg flower, angostura, quinine bark, and verjuice. It's medium weight with noticeable but balanced sweetness, with notes of orange citrus and baking spices, with earthy undertones and a slightly bitter gentian forward finish. This makes a killer spritz. 

Freimeister Kollektiv was founded in Berlin by artist and distiller Theo Ligthart in 2016 to bring small producers to the market in the most accessible way possible. With a world of consumers looking for a more diversified spirits experience, the collective seeks to answer the challenge of “complying with an increasing demand for transparency and sustainability” (Theo Ligthart). Theo came to distilling through his own art – he created a Dopplekorn together with a Brandenburg distillery, examining how a piece balances between being art and a commercial product. He brings this kind of collaborative, experimental energy to each project under Freimeister Kollektiv. He has created a network of around 30 distillers and bartenders in Germany, France, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Ukraine, Spain, and Mexico that create interpretations of classic spirits as well as original beverages. Including bartenders and beverage professionals is a way of including all levels of the spirits world in the collaboration process. Theo himself is involved with each distiller and project.

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