Faccia Brutto Spirits Fernet Pianta NV 750ml

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My favorite Fernet of all time! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this digestif is made from aloe ferox, saffron, myrrh, Chaga mushroom, and chamomile and is just sweet enough to balance out the bitterness. It tastes herbal and minty (surprise), but the real treat with this fernet is the balance. It's utter perfection!

Faccia Brutto is a line of Italian-inspired liqueurs made by Patrick Miller, a former chef who worked in restaurants for fourteen years before turning his attention to creating spirits that pay homage to traditional Italian recipes. Fernet Pianta is a love letter to both Patrick's grandfather, Peter Pianta, as well as all the line cooks Patrick ever worked with. Just as a chef would finish all dishes with a touch of salt, Patrick adds salt to all the spirits prior to bottling to round out all the botanicals and harmonize the sweet and bitter flavors. This fernet has far less sugar than the bigger brands and is naturally colored with roasted chicory root. Enjoy neat or in a Toronto cocktail.

Made with organic botanicals and Non-GMO NGS; botanicals include saffron, myrrh, zedoary, rhubarb root, chamomile, gentian, angelica, nutmeg, star anise, fennel seed, allspice, galangal, cocoa nibs, chicory, orange zest, peppermint (fresh and essential oil), coriander, cinnamon, aloe ferox, sugar, salt.

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