Faccia Brutto Aperitivo 375ml

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Made in Brooklyn, NY, this Aperitivo tastes like orange, cherry, cassis, and herbs, and is perfectly bitter with that lovely gentian grip at the finish that we all love. The bitterness comes from quassia bark, rhubarb root, and it has just enough warm spices to ground its bitter nature. It's truly stunning and balanced. Perfect in a Negroni, Spritz, or Americano. 24% abv

Faccia Brutto is a line of Italian-inspired liqueurs made by Patrick Miller, a former chef who worked in restaurants for fourteen years before turning his attention to creating spirits that pay homage to traditional Italian recipes. Patrick infuses 17 fresh and dried organic botanicals such as gentian, kola nut, hibiscus and rhubarb root in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. At that point water and fresh orange peels (2 oranges per bottle!) are added and let steep overnight. The resulting tincture is strained and filtered with organic cane sugar and cochineal added to achieve the ruby hue. Just as a chef would finish all dishes with a touch of salt, Patrick adds salt to all the spirits prior to bottling to round out all the botanicals and harmonize the sweet and bitter flavors.

Made with Non-GMO NGS; colored with hibiscus and cochineal. Ingredients include chicory root, elderberry, rhubarb root, wormwood, quassia bark, star anise, cinnamon, kola nut, gentian, hibiscus, orange zest, allspice, nutmeg, eucalyptus, cloves, coriander, angelica root, sugar, cochineal, salt.

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