Domaine Ozil Barry 2022

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70% Grenache & 30% Syrah from Rhône Valley, France

The vines are 30 years old and come from the vineyard that surrounds their home. Carbonic ferment, wholecluster for 10 days, racking juices after the 3rd day in order not to extract too much tannins. Epoxi elegage. Bottled in April, unfined, unfiltered. No added sulfites (May contain naturally occurring sulfites!). Drinks like a primeur, does not stink like technical carbo - you can taste the quality of the fruit, floral grenache and gently spiced syrah.

This wine may be slightly spritzy upon opening. It adds a freshness and texture that is sensational for some, but if you find it undesirable, simply insert the cork and give it a gentle shake, remove the cork and you'll hear the pfffft, then insert the cork and give a shake, remove the cork and the pffft will be less, repeat until there's no more gas present.

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