Domaine d'Espérance 10 year XO Bas-Armagnac 41% abv

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Blend of Baco 22 and Folle-Blanche from at least 4 different vintages, the youngest of which has aged at least 10 years in barrels made of Gascon pedunculated oak. It has a beautiful copper color, a wide range of aromas (prune, orange, vanilla custard, nuts, caramel) and a big complexity in mouth.

Traditional and natural vinification. The wine is very low in alcohol and is distilled quickly after the end of fermentation. Distilled with a continuous traditional still, at a low degree (52/54%) in order to retain most of the primary wines flavors.

The casks are locally made in pedunculated Gascon oak. Their capacity is between 410 and 430 liters

After a meal : drink slowly while warming up your glass in your hand, so you can appreciate all the aromas of this superb spirit. Slowly one gets a wide range of aromas with powerful pastry notes and a high fineness.

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