Derrumbes Mezcal Oaxaca Red Label 750ml

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Derrumbes Oaxaca is made using Espadin agave and Tobalá agave, these agaves are picked at their maturity and then cooked in an underground stone pit oven using black oak to give it a light smokiness.

Derrumbes Oaxaca is a thick, flavorsome and intriguing spirit. The intense flavors provide a backbone, but don’t swamp the more delicate notes.

Nose : Big and bold, with delicate notes of jasmine, citrus, acacia honey, cracked black pepper and dark chocolate balanced on a rich and pungent base of varnished wood, petrol and oily cloths.

Palate : Lively, with leather and wood smoke providing support for fresher and lighter flavours of citrus, raisins, pine needles, and sweeter and stickier notes of freshly cooked agave.

Finish : Full and long, with sweet fruit and smoke carried through until the end.

Mezcal is a category that has captured the imagination of UK bartenders and drinks enthusiasts. Five years ago, you would have struggled to find a bottle of Mezcal in any bar or off-licence. Today, we are spoilt for choice by the range on offer.

From Oaxaca, to Michoacan and beyond, Derrumbes tend to cook their agave in stone pits underground (unless it's their San Luis Potosi expression which uses a 'horno' like small traditional Tequila producers) using black oak to give a light smokiness which brings out the fruit, mineral or herbal notes depending on the type of agave used. Unique fermentation processes include; underground tanks lined with pine wood and distillation via a wooden still, all of which guarantee some of the most intriguing and unique aromas and flavours to be experienced in Mezcal.
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