Brugnano Vinovanta V90 Grillo 2022

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One of my favorite parts of winter is drinking “winter whites.” Bigger, fatter, creamier, heartier - wines with fullness and depth. In my opinion, Grillo is the quintessential winter white. While Brugnano’s is still pretty light in body, it has dimension. It’s citrusy and stoney with layers of cream, aged salty cheese, beeswax, and fresh herbs. The mouthfeel is supple and round, and there are notes of honey that linger on the finish. It feels like a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end, all seamlessly woven together. This wine would love some fresh seafood dishes - think white fish cooked in lemon and capers with wild rice and asparagus. Or sub out lean pork, chicken, sautéed vegetables, or tofu. I recommend drinking this at a cool, not cold, temperature (try pulling it out of the fridge and not putting the bottle back in until you’re done for the day; you can watch it evolve as it warms up).

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