Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco 2022

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Grillo from Terre Siciliane IGP, Sicily, Italy; medium plus bodied and dry, full and waxy with notes of bright lemon, tangerine, pear, and pineapple with balanced acid, vibrant acidity, and an earthy finish. Organic

Wine Club June 2023: 

"Grillo just may be the Shining Star white variety of Sicily. It leans more towards fat and waxy but can be quite refreshing when made well. Alessandro Viola’s Grillo is one of my favorites. It does have some heft, but also bright lemon acidity that keeps it vibrant and structured. I tasted this wine on two different occasions. The first time I got more tangerine and orange notes and more of an oily texture, but the second time was more pineapple, pear, and earth with a silky feel. You tell me! When fully refrigerated, this wine’s nuances may go missed; I would advise drinking this one cool but not too cold. This wine does not have any Sulphur added at bottling, so drink this up the same day that you open it."

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