Enlightenment Wines Meadery Honey’s Farmhouse Cider 2021

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Sparkling cider made from heirloom New York cider apples, aged in neutral oak for 6 months and bottle conditioned before release; light bodied and dry, with green apple skins and subtle hints of lemongrass, bruised lemons and beeswax, clean and easy drinking, not funky.

From the Producer: Enlightenment Wines is the name of our company and our brand. The Enlightenment Wines Meadery is where we make our mead. Honey’s is our on-site tasting room and restaurant next door. The meadery and tasting room are located in a single building located at 93 Scott Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

Enlightenment Wines Meadery seeks to make the finest, most interesting, and delicious natural meads on Earth. It’s a tall order, but one we take seriously. Most commercial meads on the market are made by grape wineries or beer brewers who tend to produce meads that are sweet, extremely alcoholic, quickly-fermented, highly-filtered and supplemented with a variety of fermentation aids. We believe these sweet, highly alcoholic meads clash with our palates and those of our discerning customers, who are also turned off by advanced chemical processing and filtering. Enlightenment Wines Meadery uses only natural winemaking techniques. We take our time, generally an entire year from start to finish for each batch of mead. We focus on dry, unfiltered, meads made from raw honey and unfiltered, minimally processed ingredients, and we try and keep the alcohol level in a range that reflects most table wines. This not only produces a higher quality product, but it also distinguishes us from the majority of meads on the market which often reflect modern beer strength abv. Natural techniques and raw honey result in delicious and interesting meads.

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