Enlightenment Wines Meadery Charm 2021

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Sparkling mead made with raw Spring NYS honey and two white wines yeasts, barrel aged and bottle conditioned on its lees; light bodied and dry, with notes of muscadines, ripe pear, clover honey, and subtle medicinal notes; lovely and fresh, easy drinking.

Enlightenment Wines Meadery is located in Brooklyn NY and has been focusing on small batch unfiltered meads since 2009. They use only natural wine-making processes and each batch of mead takes about a year to make from start to finish. All of their honey is sustainably sourced from the Finger Lakes and the fruits, flowers, and herbs they use are grown in New York State, some even locally foraged here in the Hudson Valley. 

If you’re curious about mead, Enlightenment has some really cool information on their website here.

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